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Boston Public Health Commission Hearing

November 7, 2019

Six of our students rallied and attended a public hearing put-on by the Boston Public Health Commission at 1010 Mass Ave.  Three members of PUSH-Up gave testimony as to why menthol should be added to the list of banned flavors on a bill before the House. Jannat Hasan, Kimberly Owens, and Valentina Ndreka gave testimony of how for decades Big Tobacco have used menthol in its targeting of people of color, specifically within the Black Community. Testimony was given in a room made for 30 people and approximately 70 were present. Many were angry convenience store owners who were completely opposed to our position as it relates to Menthol/Vaping/Tobacco. Our girls stood their ground and delivered a powerful message as only youth can do around racial injustice.


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